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Mhoni Vidente. Pronosticos horoscopo semanal de Tauro para compatibilidad y amor, carrerra y negocios ano Tarot Tauro es la segunda de las Predicciones Tarot Tauro - Jueves 7 de Febrero, Quiero invitarte a suscribirte en nuestro canal de Youtube!

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Todo sobre Tauro. Probablemente sienta que es muy capa.

Predicciones De Tauro 12222

Signo Fijo de Tierra, regente: Venus. La faceta laboral para este signo es muy importante, y suele ser muy exigente consigo mismo. Es tiempo de que Tauro tome acciones importantes sobre su vida, por lo que debes siempre tener en cuenta que pensar demasiado las cosas, a veces trae mala consecuencias. Como el signo Tauro es conocido por su confiabilidad, esta meta es ciertamente alcanzable. Nuevas predicciones de Mhoni Vidente para este Horoscopo diario gratis, semanal, mensual y de En el mundo.

Amor: El tiempo que pasas en familia realmente no tiene precio, es algo imposible de evaluar. Ver tauro hoy. Su planeta regente es Venus y su Sol natal empieza a manifestarse en forma plena, a. Pudiste prosperar, divertirte y tener muchas experiencias afortunadas y felices.

Predicciones para el signo Tauro Tauro es un signo que necesita tomarse su tiempo antes de decidir y odia que le metan prisa. Predicciones en el amor, la salud y el dinero para Tauro. Consejos para atraer al ser amado. El color de la suerte para tauro hoy martes 16 de julio del es el color Turquesa.

Predicciones de la astrologia y horoscopo de Tauro gratis para esta semana y fin de semana. Ya has vivido mucho de eso, es hora de poner un alto. Horoscopo Tauro Martes 30 de Julio del Then Mercury opposes Pluto on 19th and Mars follows on 20th. You may encounter a few bumps in the road, or even roadblocks that you have to work around.


It depends on the other transits to your chart and where these alignments fall — so check the house positions to see which areas will be affected. Saturn Pluto alignments highlight the use and abuse of power and resources. They often coincide with periods of economic contraction, the collapse of long-standing structures, natural disasters like earthquakes and volcanoes, and war. The conjunction is happening along with Uranus in Taurus which can also trigger disruption to the financial system and an increase in volcanoes kicking off.

Read the full post on Uranus in Taurus here. The Saturn Pluto conjunction also occurs on the south nodes of both planets and this will intensify the effect. None of that is about to improve soon. Saturn Pluto has the potential to become your worst nightmare of war, economic collapse, death and misery. The only reason it usually plays out negatively is because we mismanage the energies due to ignorance and wilful nefariousness.

We have the option of learning from the past and choosing to change — if we take it.

The structures in your life have to be based in reality or Saturn and Pluto will force you to change. Read the full post on Saturn in Capricorn here , and Pluto in Capricorn here. More on the Saturn Pluto conjunction here. Jupiter entered Sagittarius in November and stays there until 2 December Jupiter in Sagittarius is a time of growth and optimism when you can sense new possibilities for the future and have an increased faith in life.

Aim high and take advantage of opportunities through travel, sport, higher learning, religion and philosophy.

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Jupiter is dignified in its own sign so it should be a mostly positive experience, but be careful of getting too big for your boots. This may be less of a problem with Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus because all that earthy energy will help to keep you grounded. Make the most of this transit by applying the lessons of Saturn in Capricorn to reality check your inspirations and dreams. Saturn can motivate you to work hard to make your dreams real by giving them form and structure. And Jupiter can inspire you to change a difficult situation by finding hope and removing the fears that stop you from taking action.

How this transit plays out for you depends on which house Jupiter is transiting in your chart — see Jupiter Transits in the houses here. The north node entered Cancer in November and leaves in May This means the south node is in Capricorn so the eclipse cycle will boost the effect of the Saturn Pluto conjunction. With the north node in Cancer the focus is on your feelings and need for family, roots and nurturing.

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It brings up areas of imbalance between Cancer and Capricorn, such as family and career, home and work, feelings and duty. The south node in Capricorn brings up issues around authority, control, responsibility and the structures in your life. You need to be realistic and work towards your goals, but not at the expense of your home life and family.

You might need to take a break from the grindstone and nurture yourself more. The Jupiter alignment to Neptune could inflate a lot of temporary delusional bubbles that the Saturn alignment promptly bursts. Or the Saturn alignment could help you to reality check and ground your beliefs. Jupiter square Neptune : a period of spiritualising your belief systems and social structures that could involve a process of disillusionment. This alignment is exact on the following dates:.

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This transit dissolves old belief systems so you could experience changes to your spiritual practice or philosophy. Your consciousness could expand making you feel inspired and uplifted.

You may feel optimistic and full of hope, but your expectations could be unrealistic. Be careful of idealism, illusion and escapism, and try to keep your expectations grounded in reality. See Jupiter Neptune transits for more. Saturn sextile Neptune : a period of turning ideals into reality and giving form to your dreams and imagination. With Saturn sextile Neptune the ideal and the real can work harmoniously together. This transit helps you to put your dreams and spiritual ideals into practice.

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  • This transit may help to clarify the confusion from the Jupiter Neptune square. Take the opportunity to make adjustments as necessary. The next alignment between Saturn and Neptune will be the conjunction in , which is the end of this cycle and the start of a new one. Whatever you complete now, will be tested then.

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    Tarot aries 2020 amor

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