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The formation of the Joplin was caught on video. It went from no tornado to EF4 or 5 in less than ten seconds just outside of Joplin! I did find this explaination that makes sense. Severe thunderstorms are always very tall clouds, this answer implies that the coloration is an artifact of the depth height of the storm cloud, and its illumination. Hence very tall powerful thunderstorms would be most likely to take on a green cast in the proper lighting.

Greetings from Wichita! Good God. Trained storm spotter. Been through two here. That storm left the record Kansas hailstone of 7. Second one went through Andale but raised before Maize,Ks. Green is hail. Tornado is swirling clouds.

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Wall clouds, etc. Went and prepared amy well stocked basement bar.

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Barbecue when the first sign of a front shows. Wind calms down just before. Timing is critical. Just before. But I guess I have a different view of things. Storms are somewhat predictable. Will keep you posted, if the Wi-Fi works. Richard Holle says April 13, at pm … Once again the Lunar declinational tidal effect is responsible but goes unmentioned …. How does this play in again with forcing warm, humid air up from the Gulf again an important constituent part of this scenario terminologically I might add?

With ALL the meteorological observation instruments, twice-daily rawindsonde soundings, WV imagery and other various wavelength satellite imagery besides LWIR and visible you mean to tell us there is ONE big facet to all this we are overlooking? When I repeat a point it is because I think it is worth re-emphasis. Every tornado victim is a victim of the Welfare State. Three miles south, six miles west of downtown Wichita.

Could you be more specific? Tsk Tsk says April 13, at pm.. My my … why are cities investing in outdoor sirens and other means of alerting the public like reverse systems and cell-phone warning systems then? Truth: NOT necessarily …. Hey you, tell the truth! FIRST the meteorologists say the doppler radar shows tornadoes are likely coming. Then they land and tear everything up. The meteorologists note how they looked like tornadoes on the radar. THEN the National Weather Service shows up, investigates, and declares it all was really just straight line winds , there were no tornadoes.

The rest of the story is no more funds were allocated to lunar studies past , when peer review was started. Not enough credit is given to the ionic conduction of storms and the weather in general, it should be studied more if the funding could be found. Richard Holle. Once, stange as it may seem, I saw a single lightning strike that cleared the color back to normal. Very weird, and I only remember seeing it once, I thought thet ionization may have had something to do with it. Best of luck, Middle America! Larry Ledwick hotrod says: April 13, at pm I did find this explaination that makes sense.

A 12 mile high bank of storm clouds is a very scary concept! Although, the wiki explanation refers to light refraction around sunset, whereas I understand that Katrina hit Lousiana around 5am. I am not sure when people claimed to have seen the greenish light, whether it was late in the day before or early in the morning just before it hit. Anyway, the message is clear. As a PP said, green light very, very bad. Was taught by my elders how to skywatch when just a little shaver and green sky always meant hail. I always thought that tornado watches meant conditions were right for tornado formation, and that level of alert could cover a broad area.

A tornado warning was only issued when funnel clouds had been spotted.

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Anyhow, I agree that it seems there is a tendency to hit the siren button more often than necessary. After this happens a few dozen times, you learn to associate the smell with the danger. Richard, Comparing prediction with actual for the date just yesterday, Friday , there is a BIG discrepancy in the precipitation depiction.

This is a no-win scenario for mets. Warnings are issued when a tornado has been sighted or otherwise confirmed in the target warning area. They should always be heeded, because, as great as technology is, the advance warning time of when a funnel may drop is still measured in seconds to a very, very few minutes.

Predictability of exactly where out of a supercell a tornado will drop is still mostly a crap-shoot, hence the short warning time. Duck and cover may not be warranted, but certainly a frequent weather eye certainly is. Not all stand out by themselves out on the hook. A watch means only that conditions are favourable for the formation. Upon confirmation of a real one, or conditions so imminent, then a warning will be issued.

The problem for mets is the very short available warning time. Will it pass over your head? In a word: no. I do recall, just this last week how clean and or sweet things smelled after all our storm activity was over with though but more on this below.

Another reason, unexplored, would be due to the lightning experienced during a Thunderstorm, but take note, simple Thunderstorm does not equate to tornado. You are aware of NitrogenCycle. The enormous energy of lightning breaks nitrogen molecules and enables their atoms to combine with oxygen in the air forming nitrogen oxides. These dissolve in rain, forming nitrates, that are carried to the earth. Paul Coppin says April 14, at am … The problem for mets is the very short available warning time.

Thanks Anthony, my sister moved to Kansas about 10 years ago. Once she got stuck on a bridge that had been undermined in a flash flood. She wants to move back to California.

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All I am trying to show is the composite of the past cycles is almost the same as this cycle on a day to day basis. This cycle there is a conjunction with Saturn coming up on the 15th that is increasing the intensity and spread of the cyclonic weather patterns above what the past patterns show. This is what you are noting, I am using these outer planet excursions of the repeating patterns to develop algorithms to correct for the outer planet interferences so I can improve the future forecasts. There is no modeling, just combined real raw data that shows what it shows.

I am trying to learn from it as it progresses. In my upgraded site I will be showing the composite of the last FOUR cycles in higher resolution so that the type of precip in the past will be more visible by the higher resolution rather than the large smoothed blobs you see now. Warnings are issued when a tornado has been sighted or otherwise confirmed in the target warning area… …The problem for mets is the very short available warning time.

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This was a. A storm not on a track through the city, but 25 miles away spawns a tornado- on go the sirens. How do you think a populace reacts after years of exposure to false alarms? Look at the price we are paying for that line of thinking. I forgot to add… the Oklahoma City metropolitan area is huge, at over square miles. I think this is what they used to do with air raid sirens, at least in some places. Everyone who is in an area where dangerous tornadoes are forecast should heed the warnings and seek shelter.

However, I had to give pause when I saw this photo caption under the forecast map at weather. From experience I can validate the need to act quickly.

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I was in a Waffle House off I just north of Cinncinati, when the radio annouced a tornado watch for the area. The restaurant manager made us all move to the back of the restaurant, which was windowsless. As we did, the sky went green and then dark, and all h3ll broke loose.

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