Kali ciesemier horoscope

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There are tons of really excellent artists taking part including Hellen Jo and Victo Ngai.

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This was a lot of fun, and I was so happy to be invited to take part. I wish…. I was excited to learn yesterday that I got 2 pieces into the Society of Illustrators 54 Competition! My Posters contribution got into Institutional, and my Savoy Affair drink recipe illo got into Uncomissioned! You guys are great.

Film noir lighting adds instant melodrama!

Kali ciesemier horoscope

Process post AND additional new piece on my blog kalidraws. Hi there! Accent Red by Neil Talwar. Tags : Notes: Tags :.

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I hope I get the chance to do more in the future. Tags : Notes: Reblogged from fuckyeahillustrativeart. I wish… Andrea Kalfas: supercool villain creator. Father was a cad and walked out v early. Stepvater was an SS lovechild who belted the sheissen out of us more regularly than Laxettes. My escape was inventing different worlds, storytelling. Neptune trine my Pisces Merc. Hit the drugs and booze quite hard in my 20s. Still struggle with it tbh. Big time stirring right now. With both men and women. Saw the pilot, had a great couple of days with him and had sex with him. It was awful. At least at his age he can still keep it up.

I am not into him as the other 2. But our time together healed me on a big level.

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He was my first and hurt me badly. Lucky no 13 eh? Sounds cool to me. I love those numbers repeating in different parts of my chart.

Hello there!

Yes to the scent of pioneer action in the air! Bring on the Scorpio fm! Go you fab thing you!! Sounds amazing.

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I love that fear is a motivator for you. Keep us posted xx. Is it not only as far as we can Imagine? I needed this post. I always attempt at haute neptune but apparently it was just saturn making me lay off the blue devil hoochie juice while I escaped into the bathroom to do lines of space dust.

Went on a huge shopping bender yesterday, like new clothes will help me morph or something. Saturn has been good to me and all but I wish he would step the Fuq off my midheaven for a while and let me be. Is it possible that you have natal Neptune completing that fire trine at around 18 degrees sadge? Your north node is Libra in 12tj house maybe?

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Spiritual balance. Some kind of practice that deals with balance?

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A thing I remind myself sometimes, do the house that is opposing the transit — eg you 7th house is lighting up — so how can you do some housekeeping and a good review, check, update, amend, work on, tweak, beef up, refine, etc for its opposite, the 1st. Thanks, Pi! I have been working on opposing houses in my natal chart, kinda overlooked doing that for transits.

My neptune is 13 sag, on my moon. Space Dust! Sounds perfect. All the time. I do a little yoga every morning and I need to expand.

lonefikapi.ml So I have a natal t-square. I just realized how prominent the outer planets are in my chart. Uranus rising, pluto chart ruler, and the moon neptune conjunct. Astrology always astounds me with how much there is to learn and connect. You are adept Pi!

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Always making connections and wise observations. As useful imo as any other pathway to self-awareness. In Cap though so obviously it has a different vibe than in Sagg. Yes, I definitley relate. My only water is my scorp rising, so neptune on my moon def is a game changer. What an aspect, right? I like to dream my own stuff. Need rest from psychic overload, I take a bath at least once a week. Ooh I have not tried a crystal healer but that sounds awesome.

I used to be really into it. Like it totally dictates my emotions. Mine is in the sixth house. My Capricorn moon wants me to hide all emotions and appear strong at all times. Oooh, sixth house sounds nice. I just have Aries SN in the 6th. I feel like my sensitivity is increasing. Probably good in some ways cause this placement can be total woo-woo.

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But, as it gets stronger, I find it hard to be a teacher to 8 year olds. Way too much energy flying around. Maybe even multiple days. Fauness Thank you sweetie!

kali ciesemier horoscope Kali ciesemier horoscope
kali ciesemier horoscope Kali ciesemier horoscope
kali ciesemier horoscope Kali ciesemier horoscope
kali ciesemier horoscope Kali ciesemier horoscope
kali ciesemier horoscope Kali ciesemier horoscope
kali ciesemier horoscope Kali ciesemier horoscope

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